Activision Blizzard v Netflix Inc. – The Tort of Inducement to Breach or Interfere with Contractual Relations: A Look at the Malaysian Position

The inducement to breach or interfere with contractual relations is a tort that is recognised in Malaysia. This article discusses the tort of inducement to breach or interfere with contractual relations in Malaysia.

2 Ways A Landlord May Claim Unpaid Rent From A Recalcitrant Tenant

You are the owner of an apartment. As you already have your own place to stay, you decided to rent out the apartment to a nice young man for a year. At the start of the tenancy, all seems well. Both you and the tenant have a cordial relationship and the tenant pays the rent on time. You feel thankful that you have found a good tenant. However, starting from the third month of rental, the tenant fails to pay the rent. …

Commencing a Legal Action to Recover a Debt in Malaysia

It is hardly impossible for any person today to not incur some form of debt. Taking a loan, utilising the bank’s overdraft facility and using credit cards are some of the ways in which debt could be incurred. Some businesses have credit terms in which the purchaser is required to only make payment at a future time. Even if the payment were to be made upon delivery of goods or completion of services, the debt exists until it is paid. With such a web of interconnected debts, there are times in which a debtor would be unable to pay the debt that falls due. This article explores the legal process of debt recovery in Malaysia.