Bryan Boo

Bryan is not only a double degree holder but has a wide range of experience in working, owning and managing businesses and corporations both in Malaysia and abroad. As such, Bryan not only brings to his legal practice a strong business acumen and commercial savviness but also an international perspective and understanding in terms of international laws and cross-border trading. 

Further to that, Bryan is also comfortable with technology and its advances, having not only advised clients on issues in technology but also in the cybersphere as well.

Bryan’s area of service encompasses both corporate work as well as dispute resolution. In terms of areas of law, Bryan’s experience in business and commerce places him squarely in the commercial areas of law such as Company and Commercial Law, Competition/Antitrust and Securities/Capital Market. Apart from the commercial side of the law, Bryan is also comfortable in Criminal Defence work, Medical Law, FinTech, Cyber Law as well as Esports Law.

In terms of clients, Bryan has worked with and advised clients from startups to CEOs of companies both locally and abroad. Bryan is also comfortable appearing in court, having appeared in lower courts as well as the appellate courts. Apart from courts, Bryan has also represented and advised clients in disciplinary hearings before professional bodies and boards such as the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia. As for esports, Bryan has assisted international governing bodies, esports organisations as well as private individuals in esports.

Bryan is also an avid writer, having written articles and penned his thoughts on issues and matters close to his heart.